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A loom for the Hebrides

March 11, 2016

This loom has been with me since 1976. A loom is more than a piece of wood it is an extension of yourself that you come to know and value. I learned to weave on it and shared some of the best and worst times of my life with it. But when I turned to tapestry weaving I stopped using it. I kept it purely for sentimental reasons.

Yesterday it moved on to a new life in the Hebrides with Ailidh a young weaver from Iona. Here it is packed up in her car ready to start inspiring her with new ideas.


Here is where it has gone to So I can still visit my old friend in it’s beautiful new location.

Tapestries from Chateau Dumas students

January 31, 2016

It’s a real pleasure when the people who have attended my workshops send me photographs of their first tapestries. Here are two lovely tapestries from participants of my five day workshop at Chateau Dumas in France last summer.

Neither Sarah or Margaret had had any previous experience but each have now found expression in tapestry weaving that they are continuing to develop.


Sarah Randolph – “Watching the flight of migrating birds across the disc of the moon”


Margaret Hall -” Chateau Dumas”

(The background cloth is hand dyed from our woad dyeing day at Chateau Dumas).

Thank you to both of you for sharing your work!

A Beginning

January 20, 2016


There is something beautiful about a shimmering white warp on the loom. It’s a blank canvas both intimidating and exciting. The new year brings new work and despite the dark winter days renewed energy in the act of making again. The best antidote to the winter blues.


The first line of a new tapestry. It measures 150cm wide. The design is ready to be hung behind.


Happy New Year 2016

January 3, 2016


The view from Arthurs Seat in the heart of Edinburgh on New Year’s Day.

The challenging walk to the top was a sharp reminder to me that I need to keep fit! But the view was worth the climb.

Familiar Rhythm

December 9, 2015







My most recent tapestries bring back colour into my life. Woven as a group they continue to explore space and connections. I’m hoping to exhibit these tapestries next year.

FionaRutherford-Familiar Rhythm


Familiar Rhythm – h146cm x w11cm- h162cm x w11cm- h156cm x w11cm