Fiona Rutherford, Textile Artist


  Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Saturday 29th March. 

Getting started on a blog has been even harder than I thought. When I arrived in Tokyo my blog page gave me a fright because it was all in Japanese. Far too testing for a technophobe like me.

Cherry blossom time is hugely important in Japan. I don’t think we in the West can fully understand the significance. It’s a very joyful time and a great way to deal with jet lag. The parks in Tokyo are filled with families and friends picnicking out under the blossom filled trees. So I was very honoured to join Kazuma Mizobuchi, architect, and his friends for the day. We started at midday and ended at midnight consuming wine spirits and great food along the way.

I slept like a log.

Many thanks to all the staff at Odyssey of Iska.